5 Atlanta Braves Prospects That Could Make Full-Time Debut in 2021

Drew Waters of the Atlanta Braves this past Spring. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Drew Waters of the Atlanta Braves this past Spring. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /
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Cristian Pache of the Atlanta Braves in the 2020 NLCS (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

One of the most exciting parts of the Atlanta Braves season in recent years has been when top prospects have gotten the call-up to make their MLB debut.

In fact, these “call-ups” are one of the most looked forward to moments of an entire MLB season. This has become a staple for the Atlanta Braves in recent years as numerous highly touted Braves prospects seem to debut every year.

Throughout the years we have seen some of the Atlanta Braves top prospects make their debuts and go on to become stars and everyday contributors in the Braves lineup.

Atlanta Braves prospect debuts create memorable moments.

Who can forget the highly anticipated debuts and moments such as top prospect Ronald Acuna Jr debuting in Cincinnati, Austin Riley hitting a HR in his first MLB game, or Jason Heyward‘s HR in his first MLB at-bat? These are the moments that make these debuts just so truly special.

Looking back at the 2020 season as well, we saw the debuts of the Atlanta Braves current top two prospects Cristian Pache and Ian Anderson. While we saw just how good these players can be during limited action a year ago, Pache and Anderson have gone on to become full-time members of the Braves MLB roster this season.

Now obviously we will see Pache, Anderson, and catcher Alex Jackson (the Atlanta Braves #16 prospect) full-time in 2021, but what about the other guys? The Atlanta Braves have numerous highly-touted prospects ready to contribute full-time in the big leagues in 2021, but will they get the call?

While their were numerous prospects who shined during Spring Training for the Atlanta Braves, some of these prospects may not debut in 2021 due to their level of inexperience in the minor leagues.

While there will be prospects who won’t debut, there are numerous who will most likely debut and contribute for a full-time basis for the Atlanta Braves. Let’s take a look at six top Atlanta Braves’ prospects who will most-likely debut full-time in 2021.