Report: Atlanta Braves and Padres finalists for Mike Clevinger?

Pitcher Mike Clevinger has interestin from the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres tonight. (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
Pitcher Mike Clevinger has interestin from the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres tonight. (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

According to some, the Padres may be the frontrunners, but Atlanta Braves are not letting up yet.

Things are moving quickly in the trade market tonight, and the San Diego Padres appear to be the most aggressive team now as the deadline approaches.  That said, the Atlanta Braves aren’t allowing them to compete for the biggest pitching prize alone.

Multiple sources are acknowledging the Padres interest — suggesting even that they have been involved in discussions with Cleveland for at least a week now — though, the above tweet is the only source mentioning the Braves this prominently.

This is an interesting tweet for multiple reasons:

  • The first point is that Mike Clevinger is ‘gone’ – likely never pitching for Cleveland again.  This is still pretty surprising, though may be an indication of discontent with the pitcher after his COVID-19-risking outing with Zach Plesac some weeks ago.
  • The second is that Cronenworth is the Pads’ 17th-ranked prospect… not one of their top ten prospects.
  • Trent Grisham, for his part, is their current major league CF — hitting .239 and OPSing close to .800 (below average for their starting lineup).
  • We don’t know what others might be included, and certainly this pair would not be enough for Clevinger by themselves, but it’s hard to imagine that a deal for this level of a pitcher would be held up for reasons involving a prospect of that level.

The Padres have already added Trevor Rosenthal and are said to be pursuing a catcher from Seattle, so clearly this is a San Diego club on a spending spree… and that’s going to be tough to out-bid.

Oh… and obviously things are changing quickly:

Still, if the Atlanta Braves are to compete deep into the post-season, a pitcher like Clevinger would be a huge asset — and one that comes with multiple years of team control as well.  Such pitchers don’t grow on trees, and thus this indicates the Atlanta interest.

Never mind that a 10-0 lead is quickly evaporating as we speak.

UPDATE:  Padres now out??  Braves in the thick of it?


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