Atlanta Braves Gold Glove Candidates stacked up against the rest

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Julio Teheran
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Julio Teheran /
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Atlanta Braves
If Dr. Jane Pryor can figure out how to count the cells in an embryo and figure out how to clone pets. I can explain Gold Glove Voting (Photo by Joe Raedle) /


Everyone has their favorite statistic and I’m not here to choose one over another. I compiled a table with a list of the most frequently used statistics for the top 10 players based on SDI at each position.

Most of the stats are just numbers where bigger is better. For Inside Edge, I just listed where the player fell on the report. To include some players I had to reduce innings or in the case of StatCorner’s catchers, the number of chances to include those players in the search.

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John Dewan, writing at Bill James online, provided the players the Fielding Bible favors, the ones he felt would win the Gold Glove and a couple that might contend. Click here for part 1 of his series and click here for part 2.

Many of the Fielding Bible favorites didn’t get nominated because they didn’t qualify under Gold Glove rules. I included them anyway as a comparison of how the awards may differ.  Why?

Many feel the Fielding Bible awards are more accurate than the Gold Glove. Again, let me say I’m not here to pick and choose. I’m only providing information.


Where the table wouldn’t fit the page, I’ve separated the FB preferences into a smaller accompanying table.

The players are in SDI top ten order, not alphabetical. If a player doesn’t have a number in the SDI column, he wasn’t in the top 10 on their list.

I’ve color coded the tables so you won’t go number blind.


Players highlighted in gold are the GG nominees.

I’m doing three positions per post to keep them as short as possible.

  • Pitchers, catchers, first basemen
  • Second base, third and shortstop
  • Left field, centerfield, and right field

Finally the comparisons – Hey! I heard that sigh of relief.