Atlanta Braves young players are developing strong friendship


Braves young guns have sweet handshake down pat

I’ve always been a strong believer in team chemistry.  If you’ve got it, your team can accomplish anything.  This doesn’t just happen in the sports world, but also in everyone’s daily jobs.  In baseball though, team chemistry has always been huge.  And the 2018 Atlanta Braves may have what it takes.

Sure, on paper, many people are already writing off the Braves for the 2018 season.  They say our time is coming, but we’re not there yet.  Who the heck are they and why can’t it be this year?  A team’s chemistry can play a huge role in a teams success.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Braves are winning the World Series this upcoming season, but a successful year could be in place.  If guys step up, the young kids play and everyone stays healthy, why not us?

One guy on the Braves team that can bring everyone together is the personality of Ozzie Albies.  The young dude with all the presence on and off the field is fresh to see.

The 21-year-old brings youth to this team that we haven’t had in a while.  He’s the next generation of this team and heck maybe even this league.

So when Ozzie does something, all eyes will be on him…he seems okay with this though.  Emily Gagnon of CBS 46 caught one of Albies newest handshakes with teammate Johan Camargo.  This handshake is pretty sweet as you’ll see Ender Inciarte loves it as well!

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I’m digging the look to this one.  It’s got the hand-slap, plus the Braves famous chop, plus the dab. It’s snatched AF — that’s my best take on the new millennials slang.

Handshakes have kinda exploded over the past few years inside MLB dugouts…they’ve always been a thing in baseball though.  Cameras always seem to grab these shots in the dugouts and they’re played all over.

I hope Albies brings this handshake into the Braves dugout in 2018.  The Freeman-Hug is kinda a thing of the past.  We need something fresh in this dugout to bring out the new youth-movement.

You never know with baseball.  Especially at this point in the season.  Looking back through history, it’s not always the best team on paper that wins the World Series, it’s usually the team that plays the best together…just saying!