If Bartolo Colon Retires, Will Anyone Remember He Was An Atlanta Brave?

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 30: Bartolo Colon
ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 30: Bartolo Colon /

Was Bartolo Colon even an Atlanta Brave?

Sometimes there are players who make such an impact for a Major League Baseball team, the fans remember these players for years down the road for good reasons.  There are other times when players for a Major League Baseball team are remembered by fans for the total opposite reasons – the player straight up was terrible.  Then other times, if the player is that bad when playing for a team, will the fans remember them at all?

Now the decision becomes for all fans of the Atlanta Braves, will anyone remember the stint former Braves pitcher Bartolo Colon had with the team in 2017?

The signing of Colon by the Braves in the offseason for the 2017 season could have been thought to be questionable to begin with.  The Braves gave a guy who would turn 44-years-old this year to a one-year, $12.5 million dollar contract to ‘strengthen’ their starting rotation.  But being around for that long, why spend such an enormous amount of money on a player who probably would not have an impact to begin with?

Well, for one, he was coming off one of his best seasons as a professional with the New York Mets.  Secondly, the big guy was supposed to eat innings up.  And why wouldn’t we think that as that’s all he’s done for the past few seasons.

The Braves needed Bartolo just as bad as Bartolo needed the Braves.

But, things didn’t work out.

Colon Now

Colon only lasted 13 starts for the Braves, where he compiled a 2-8 record and had an 8.14 ERA.  Consequently, the Braves designated him for assignment on June 29th and released him on July 4th.

Soon after the Braves released him, Colon was picked up by the Minnesota Twins.  He then started against the New York Yankees on this past Tuesday night.  However, after giving up four runs, over four innings, Colon’s next start against the Los Angeles Dodgers might be his last, as it’s been said that he is mulling retirement.

2017 though should not reflect Colon’s career, as he might very well be in the Hall of Fame one day.  Over a 20-year career, Colon has compiled 235 wins, with a 4.02 ERA and 2,410 strikeouts.

Plus the record for wins by a Latin American pitcher is held by Dennis Martinez, a former Indian, with 245 career wins, which puts Colon only 11 wins away from breaking the record, something Colon said he wanted to do when signing with the Braves.

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Colon has said he wants to pitch for two more years, but his chances may be limited.  That win total is in sight for him, but he may not get there.

I’m rooting for Big Sexy and really do hope he finds his groove.  Come on and get your 11 more wins!