Atlanta Braves Draft Day 3 – Part 3

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Round 26: Alan Crowley (@crowdog5), C , R/R, Reedley Col, J2, 6’2″ 210lbs, 03/04/96

The only information I could find about Crowley comes from his coach who says he’s a good catch and throw guy who hit in the middle of his lineup.

Round 27: Corbin Clouse (@corbin018) , LHP, L/L, Davenport University, Junior, 6’1″,  225, 06/26/95

According to Clouse was Grande Ledge HS player of the year in 2013 “10-1 and had 110 strikeouts in 61 innings” and giving up just 10 runs. The paper said it was even more unexpected because he had taken multiple years off from pitching before going back to the mound this year.”

Clouse was pretty good for Davenport his first two years.

The Season for Davenport Clouse threw 50 innings striking out 75, walking 25 and allowing just three doubles, one triple and one home run. That added up to a 1.62 ERA and a WHIP of 1.00; not bad.

That’s A Wrap

There’s just not much available on the late round guys, lots of sites claim to have information but their data is mostly height, weight and outdated information about days gone by.

That’s to say this is where I call a halt to digging and hope we can find out more once we get them signed. Jeff started a running count of signees which will I think be a lot more interesting. Ben will dig into them once they start playing and provide current data to chew on and I’ll try to find something more interesting to write about.

Next: Gant Touch This. . .

I watched the some of the Reds feed Wednesday night an they produced the revelation that it’s “common knowledge” the Braves will go after a really big bat like Bryce Harper once they move into Suntrust.

If that’s common knowledge outside of Atlanta it must be restricted to Cincinnati as I haven’t heard or seen any credible source even hint that the Braves would add a $40M a year player. Maybe I read the wrong reports or maybe they made it up, you decide.