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Atlanta Braves Hire Chipper Jones As Special Assistant To GM…So What Does That Mean??


The Atlanta Braves legend, Chipper Jones, has made a return into the organizations, after two seasons away from the game. Jones, potential Hall of Famer at third base, has been hired as a special assistant to baseball operations.

General manager John Coppolella stated, “(Chipper) brings a wealth of experience, and we are excited to have him on board as a special assistant.”

In many cases, being hired as an assistant to head personnel of the organization means that the person would take over in a front office capacity. However, that will not be the case for Jones as he is expected to assist the Braves hitters by instructing them and giving advice throughout spring training and the regular season.

At some point after his retirement, many expected Jones to get back in the game, and to the pleasure of Braves fans, the beloved personality of Chipper Jones has returned.

There have been some critical responses of the hire based on how it could become a team distraction, amidst the outpouring of approval and support. The negative comments should be put to rest, as the Braves needed to bring along a legend such as Jones to boost the rebuilding process.

Jones’ track record is like no other and he is a guy that many of these players looked up to as they began to play baseball, as the Braves have plenty of youth. These developing players will be able to soak in an immense amount of knowledge from such an established hitter.

Along with the knowledge the players will take in, Jones also has a great personality. This will help the Braves if they are to have struggles at some point in the season. He can help loosen up the clubhouse, and remind the inexperienced players about the process, along with A.J. Pierzynski and other veterans.

With that said, Chipper Jones will be a superb instructor for the Braves, as he will embrace the opportunity to give his baseball wisdom.

Along with this hire being a great fit for the Braves, Jones is also excited to have the opportunity to step back into the game. In a Braves press release, Jones stated,

"After a few years of decompressing, I came to the undeniable conclusion that I want to be around the game again and, more particularly, around the Atlanta Braves."

His statement further exemplifies what the Braves meant to him throughout his career and how he desires to further his career in a different capacity. Jones also spoke on what he hopes to accomplish during his new tenure with Atlanta…

"I look forward to working with our players, as my passion for the art of hitting is something I hold near and dear to my heart. My hope is that I can be an ‘extra set of eyes’ on our players and help supplement an already strong baseball operations department and coaching staff."

His outlook should be exactly what Braves fans want to hear, there is a huge influx of youth in the organization, and Jones has a mission of helping them mature as players. The Braves will greatly benefit from the hire, as many players will more rapidly reach their full potential.