Should Atlanta Braves Bring Back an Old Friend? Curacao Kid Looking for One More Shot at Majors.


Back to the Future?

The Atlanta Braves have been far from quiet early on in this off-season.  The trade of Andrelton Simmons to the Angels really got Braves fans all riled up in a tizzy. We also are aware that the Braves could be just getting started.

After the die down of the Simmons move, Freddie Freeman‘s name swirled, and then, just yesterday, Shelby Miller was attached to rumors involving the Arizona Diamondbacks for A.J. Pollock.

Well, today, we have an old friend’s name making news.

Andruw Jones has apparently made it known that he wants one more shot at the Major Leagues.

Andruw has spent the last two seasons in Japan. If you pay attention to International baseball, he actually had a fairly productive two years. In those, Andruw Jones owned a .829 OPS and had 50 HR’s (not too shabby).

This could be a very intriguing signing, should the Braves decide to take a flyer out on him. I for one think this could be boost to the current morale, which is diminishing with each passing trade, among Braves Country right now. The trade of Simmons kind of killed whatever high hopes some of the fans had going into the 2016 season.

I don’t think there is huge risk here. Jones could be a nice asset coming off the bench and even giving a spot start here and there. Left field could be helped if the Braves end up cutting ties with Michael Bourn and/or Nick Swisher. Jones could also give a jolt of a cultural resurgence to a Braves clubhouse that by knowing what it was like to win in Atlanta.

If I’m John Coppollela, I’m listening and considering extending at least a Spring Training invite.

Should Atlanta extend an offer to Jones, it would have a somewhat historical sub-plot attached to it.

The implied longevity here is remarkable. If I’m correct in assuming, Chipper Jones, had he lasted through this upcoming season, would have joined Andruw as the only Braves to “live” longer than Turner Field. They watched Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium become a parking lot, and could have possibly witnessed Turner Field suffering the same fate.

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I’m all for this potential reunion between the Braves and Andruw, even if it’s just to retire as an Atlanta Brave. It could also possibly be a help to a team with low expectations in 2016.

Go get him Coppy! What have you got to lose?

Let us know your thoughts. Is this a low risk, high reward possibility? Is it just a sentimental reflex? Could Andruw Jones actually help the 2016 Braves? Chime in below.