Braves Deadline Trade Shocks Fans

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Newest Brave

Hector Olivera

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Coming to Atlanta

Hector Olivera

According to Jim Bowden the Braves primary return will be Hector Olivera.

The Braves were in hot pursuit of Olivera this spring but they opened their huge checkbook and gave him $62M six-year contract that included a $28 million signing bonus – in fact a finder’s fee of sorts for the uh. . . “gentlemen” who helped him leave Cuba. Olivera’s making $2M this year so the Braves would owe Olivera about $32 million for the next five seasons.

UPDATE 10:45 EST 7/30/15: According to David O’Brien tweets explains what the Braves are effectively paying for Olivera over the remainder of his contract. He earns $2MM this season with about $750K left. The Dodgers will pay the remainder of his signing bonus so the cost will be about $31.25MM over the next five and a half years.

When Olivera signed there was much discussion about his elbow and a damaged UCL.  The Dodgers negotiated $1M a club option for a seventh year if he requires TJ surgery.

Olivera is currently out with a hamstring injury but so far this season he’s played 19 games at three levels and is currently slashing .387/.387/.581/.968 at Oklahoma City. He’s played both second and third this year but will undoubtedly land at third in Atlanta.

We wrote extensively about Olivera this spring. Please check out this link for more background on our newest infielder and check out Olivera doing some work for the Oklahoma City Drillers this season.

Michael Morse

Jun 18, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder

Michael Morse

(38) during the third inning at U.S Cellular Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins ship 33 year old first baseman/ left fielder Morse to


the Dodgers along with the first round A competitive balance pick in next year’s draft.  The Dodgers in turn send that comp balance pick to Atlanta.

Morse has a history of providing consistent power when healthy/ He had a great year for the Giants in their World Series campaign last season posting a .279/.336/.475/.811 line with 16 homers and 32 doubles and an OPS+ of 132.

Since signing with the Fish this year Morse missed significant time with injury and posting a .214/.277/.314/.592 line in just 173PA. While it’s possible the Braves could try to flip Morse to an AL team as a DH or an NL team willing to take a chance on his bat they could also slot him into left field and behind Freddie Freeman in the lineup to provide some long needed protection.

This is however another case of the Braves taking the remaining portion of his salary – about $3.5M this year and 8.5M next in order to land that comp pick.

There is no doubt however that when healthy Olivera provides a veteran player and a good glove to the left side of the infield and

along with a healthy Morse

makes the lineup

a lot

more potent.

UPDATED 10:45 am 7/30/15: Where Morse lands is still up in the air. It appears he may end up in LA after all. Morse and his contract go to LA.