Atlanta Braves Morning Chop & Box… Freddie’s Wife is a Troll

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Freddie’s Wife Trolls Braves Fans

Somewhere around midnight last night, this cryptic tweet came out from Chelsea Freeman.

Now this was funny.  Admittedly ‘funny peculiar’.  A few people retweeted it.  A few responded – and this was typical:

Such an interpretation – that Chris Johnson had been traded – would not be out of bounds – she’s been traveling with the team on this road trip, for instance, so information about a trade could conceivably have reached her ears.

So then the mind races…. did somebody get hurt?  Who needs a third baseman?  Does Jace Peterson now move to third and Jose Peraza get promoted?  What else could this mean???   until… an hour later…

Happy birthday Chelsea… and well played.  Oh, and by the way, it’s also the birthday of one Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones, who left his 23rd year behind some time ago… like two decades ago!