Atlanta Braves Bullpen Faltering. Solutions? Kohn/Cornely promoted

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 New moves today change roles.  What do Atlanta Braves do now?

With John Cornely and Michael Kohn being promoted and the likelihood of Sugar Ray Marimon and Ian Thomas being demoted, the Braves are looking to try something, rather going with the strategy of giving numerous pitchers chances to succeed and see what sticks which is a strategy I suggested they try last week (and I agree with):

"“Give the other David Carpenter, Michael Kohn, John Cornely,  Ian Thomas, and other unmentioned, a shot to prove/disprove their worth, and claim that 7th inning.  When it sticks, keep it.”"

Only time will tell what happens with this bullpen.  Hopefully, Cornely and Kohn can provide more stability to the late innings, but if they don’t, look for the Braves to give Folty the chance to gain a late-inning role sometime in the future.

Edit 1: The players sent back to Gwinnett were Brandon Cunniff and Sugar Ray Marimon.  Cunniff is a bit of a head scratcher, but the Braves didn’t want Avilan to be the only LHP.