Sports Illustrated Reveals Their 2015 MLB Predictions


Yesterday afternoon, I arrived home from work a little past 6:00pm ET and walked to pick up the daily mail.  When I reached in the mailbox I saw that my copy of the Sports Illustrated MLB Preview 2015 had arrived in the mail.  This magazine has over 100 pages dedicated to baseball with stories, 2015 MLB predictions, and team lineups.  Like a 10-year-old on his birthday, I ripped through the other mail, set it on the counter and then sat down with anticipation of what SI had covered in this version.

My initial reaction when I looked down at the cover was “ugh, those guys”.  If you haven’t seen the March 30th SI magazine yet, the cover photo is of Washington Nationals newcomer Max Scherzer and poster boy himself, Bryce Harper.  That is of course the cover that I received.  SI did four regional covers for the MLB preview this year with Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez and Greg Holland on one, Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano on another and Corey Kluber and Michael Brantley on the fourth.

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer, Tom Verducci, has three must read articles about the baseball season.  Wait Till This Year and Speed Kills are written fantastically and both are worth the price to run out and pick up a copy.

Every year, SI publishes this MLB preview to the season to excite fans of how their team may do.  Well, Braves fans…if you’re a Debbie Downer and think we’ll be terrible, you can probably proceed with these standings and believe that baseball is played on paper and not on the field.

Sports Illustrated – How They’ll Finish

AL East

1. Boston Red Sox – 89-73

2. Toronto Blue Jays – 84-78

3. Baltimore Orioles – 82-80

4. New York Yankees – 77-85

5. Tampa Bay Rays – 74-88

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AL Central

1. Cleveland Indians – 92-70

2. Detroit Tigers – 87-75

3. Chicago White Sox – 83-79

4. Kansas City Royals – 78-84

5. Minnesota Twins – 67-95

AL West

1. Seattle Mariners 95-67

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – 92-70

3. Oakland Athletics – 81-81

4. Texas Rangers – 73-89

5. Houston Astros – 72-90

NL East

1. Washington Nationals – 99-63

2. Miami Marlins – 85-77

3. New York Mets – 82-80

4. Atlanta Braves – 71-91

5. Philadelphia Phillies – 63-99

NL Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals – 91-71

2. Pittsburg Pirates – 88-74

3. Chicago Cubs – 82-80

4. Milwaukee Brewers – 74-88

5. Cincinnati Reds – 73-89

NL West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers – 95-67

2. San Francisco Giants – 84-78

3. San Diego Padres – 83-79

4. Colorado Rockies – 69-93

5. Arizona Diamonbacks – 65-97

Post Season Predictions

AL Wild-Card Game – Tigers over Angels

NL Wild-Card Game – Pirates over Marlins

AL Division Series

Mariners over Tigers

Indians over Red Sox

NL Division Series

Nationals over Pirates

Dodgers over Cardinals

AL Championship Series

Indians over Mariners

NL Championship Series

Nationals over Dodgers

2015 World Series

Indians over Nationals

The Cleveland Indians will be your 2015 World Series Champions according to SI.  That’s a bold pick but with Terry Francona managing this team and Brandon Moss now entered into their lineup, they very well could make a run late in the season.  Francona is entering his third season as the manager of Cleveland.

When we did our 2015 predictions yesterday, Andrew from our team at Tomahawk Take picked Cleveland to get to the World Series but to lose to the Dodgers.  No one else picked the Indians to even make the post season.

We’re interested to hear from you…who do you think will make the 2015 World Series?  Add your thoughts to the comments field below.

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