Atlanta Braves Morning Chop – Contests, Cameras, Left Field

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Construction Webcam

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The SunTrust Park site has a new webcam so that you can follow along with the progress of construction of the new stadium in Cobb County in full HD live video.  I had success in viewing this from Internet Explorer, but not via Firefox at this time, so please note that there may be some browser-dependent things involved.  Nonetheless, it does indeed work… and the picture above was captured this morning around 10:40am EDT.

The camera can be rotated as well – this shot looks toward the western end of the site.  The stadium, which you see at lower right, is being fitted with columns to support the outfield seats – quite a bit of progress has already been made on that aspect of the project.

This may not be quite as cute as the baby bald eagles on this webcam in Pennsylvania, but it’s still very cool!

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