Atlanta Braves Announce Toscano Deal; DFA Constanza


Two roster announcement – so far – this afternoon.

After a considerable delay, the signing of Cuban player Dian Toscano has been made official – his long lingering wait for paperwork, visas, and the like appears to be over.

The deal is for $1.5 million per year with that 5th year option being worth the same; thus a $6 million guarantee with a possible total value of $7.5 million.

Great!  What Do We Do With Him Now?

Mark Bowman has the likely answer:

As a reminder, Toscano profiles mainly as a left-fielder and was a second-tier player to many of the names you’ve heard coming out of Cuba recently.  He is a hitter who hits for average and OBP, walking a lot and striking out less.  He’s 25 years old, and hasn’t played organized ball for a bit, but that will change shortly as the Braves get him into their system starting at Disney World next month.

The Second Transaction

Since the 40-man roster is full, and Toscano’s deal is a major league contract, somebody has to go.  That somebody is none other than Jose Constanza.

From an video capture.

Jose has been a character in his brief stints with the Braves – 112 games scattered between 2011 and 2014.  The 31-year-old hit .259 with a .303 OBP and stole 12 bases.  He always seemed to be a fast runner, though I admit having wondered if that was more due to the motion of his legs rather than the ground he actually covered.  At least he looked the part of a fast runner.

The image that will forever be etched in the memories of astute Braves-watchers, though is this one from August of 2011. has the full story with video, but it’s a classic.

But this was an inevitable move:  Jose is (finally) out of options and was a longshot to make the club this Spring.  We do wish him well if indeed he ends up parting company with the Braves organization.

More to Come?

Jonny Gomes is probably wrapping up his physical this hour, and barring anything unusual, his contract could be announced shortly as well.  That will also require a roster move, and we’ll have to watch and see who the casualty is for that space.  No predictions from here.

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