Atlanta Braves News: The Morning Chop 12/16 VAR-VAR-oh


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Rendering of new Braves stadium SunTrust Park has team losing to Nationals

Tomahawk Take Editor’s Note: The Atlanta Braves graphic team or some outside company had a little bit of a fail moment when they built the latests mockup of the Braves new stadium.  On the scoreboard if you look closely, you will see the Braves losing to the Washington Nationals 6-3.  Also you see Freddie Freeman at the plate but on the scoreboard it shows a National player highlighted which means he’s at the plate.  The little errors will always get you.

If you look closely, the Braves are trailing the Nationals 6-3 in the team’s vision of what its new stadium will look like.

Baltimore Sun

Nick Markakis discusses leaving Orioles, neck surgery, dinner with Dave Trembley

Tomahawk Take Editor’s Note:  The Braves new outfielder, Nick Markakis, will undergo neck surgery to repair a bulging disk in his neck.  He and the Orioles were close to a four-year $40 million deal back in November but the talks stalled when Baltimore heard about the MRI he had on his neck.  On Monday morning, Markakis went back to Camden Yards to officially clean out his locker…he spoke with media and said “It’s still sinking in now and it’s just a weird feeling knowing that I’m not going to be back in Sarasota. I’m not going to be back at Camden Yards, or at least not until July 27,”

“It’s a weird feeling. It’s different. You don’t realize it until you go through it. And I always thought I’d be coming back as an Oriole,” he said. “But I’ve been through it all now and the business side and I understand. And I have to keep my focus on the Atlanta Braves and doing what I can to help them win and help them be a better organization.”

Although he said he has not had any pain stemming from the neck, Markakis will undergo preventive surgery Wednesday in Atlanta. The bulging disk will be removed and his neck will be fused by surgeons chosen by the Braves. He said, “I have no doubt” that he’ll be ready to play for the Braves on Opening Day.

“They are going to take the disk out and then fuse me up. It’s just a single-level fusion, and it has a six-to-eight-week recovery,” Markakis said. “They said within four weeks I should be able to start my workout regimen, not full-go, but I’ll be able to start doing stuff again. And when I hit that six-to-eight-week level, I’ll be able to start doing baseball stuff. That will bring me toward February and get me ready for the baseball season.”

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