Braves should go Snake Shopping!


An article came out on the Diamondbacks Fansided page suggesting that the Diamondbacks will “most definitely” be sellers. Here’s a look at their active roster:

Arizona Diamondbacks Active Roster

Arizona Diamondbacks Active Roster
57Chase AndersonR-R6’0″190Nov 30, 1987
49Mike BolsingerR-R6’2″210Jan 29, 1988
55Josh CollmenterR-R6’4″235Feb 7, 1986
48Randall DelgadoR-R6’3″200Feb 9, 1990
50Evan MarshallR-R6’2″220Apr 18, 1990
32Brandon McCarthyR-R6’7″200Jul 7, 1983
36Wade MileyL-L6’0″220Nov 13, 1986
59Oliver PerezL-L6’3″220Aug 15, 1981
43Addison ReedL-R6’4″220Dec 27, 1988
37Matt StitesL-R5’11”195May 28, 1990
54Joe ThatcherL-L6’2″230Oct 4, 1981
29Brad ZieglerR-R6’4″210Oct 10, 1979
9Tuffy GosewischR-R5’11”200Aug 17, 1983
26Miguel MonteroL-R5’11”210Jul 9, 1983
31Jordan PachecoR-R6’1″205Jan 30, 1986
44Paul GoldschmidtR-R6’3″245Sep 10, 1987
1Didi GregoriusL-R6’2″205Feb 18, 1990
2Aaron HillR-R5’11”205Mar 21, 1982
16Chris OwingsR-R5’10”190Aug 12, 1991
14Martin PradoR-R6’1″190Oct 27, 1983
5Ender InciarteL-L5’10”165Oct 29, 1990
27Roger KieschnickL-R6’3″220Jan 21, 1987
8Gerardo ParraL-L5’11”200May 6, 1987
6David PeraltaL-L6’1″160Aug 14, 1987
7Cody RossR-L5’10”195Dec 23, 1980

Instead of a full-blown fire sale, the Diamondbacks are more likely to start the selling process by trading away contracts that expire at year’s end, or next year, and less than desirable contracts of players they currently employ.   This really shrinks down the list to…

1. Martin Prado– under contract through 2016 at 11mm/year

2.  Brandon McCarthy– 1 yr./10.25mm

3. Cody Ross– under contract through 2015 at 9mm/year with ’16 club option

4.  Eric Chavez– 1 year/3.5mm

5. Joe Thatcher– 1 year/2.375 mm

6. Oliver Perez– 2 year/4.25mm (1.75m this year, 2.5 next)

There’s some really interesting buy-low candidates such as Brandon McCarthy, Martin Prado, and Cody Ross, but there’s also some solid bench and bullpen pieces in the other 3.  There’s lots of speculation that could be made here, so let’s get it started, shall we?

First Braves/Diamondbacks Trade Idea:  Get Prado back!

Trade Chris Johnson back to the Diamondbacks for Martin Prado.

This starts the attitude adjustment that the Braves desperately need.  Prado, by almost every account of every Brave that he played with, was one of the best, if not the best, clubhouse guys in the game, including Chipper who told Hammerin’ Hank he was the “best teammate he’d ever had”.  Prado’s contract runs 2 more years after this year and CJ’s goes through 2017.  Prado is more expensive with less years, but I don’t care.  We need him that bad. If they need more, give them more.

Second Braves/Diamondbacks Trade Idea: Strengthen the ‘pen

The Diamondbacks are solid in the bullpen this year with 2 lefties that are pitching well in Joe Thatcher and Oliver Perez. With Joe Thatcher only under contract control through the end of this season, he’s likely to be the one that would cost less via trade.  However, Oliver Perez has been pretty dominant since converting to a full-time reliever 3 years ago (2.98 ERA in 111.2 innings). While he’s not your traditional LOOGY as he has a reverse-platoon split, he would most definitely solidify the bullpen for this year and next.  Thatcher, on  the other hand, is a traditional LOOGY and does his job well. His career numbers against LHB are really good (.622 OPS against) and would probably only cost us a a low-leveled Minor Leaguer.  While I’d rather have Oliver Perez, I think the smart play would be Thatcher.

Trade John Cornely  and another Minor Leaguer will probably never use for Joe Thatcher.

Third Braves/Diamondbacks Trade Idea:  Strengthen the bench

Eric Chavez would greatly bolster our bench and could be used to spot start at 3rd and 1st. The Diamondbacks have little real depth in the OF and could use RH relief.

Trade Todd Cunningham and John Cornely for Eric Chavez

4th Braves/Diamondbacks Trade Idea- Get them all!

The Braves have a hole in CF, arguably a platoon need at 3rd base, in serious need for bench help, could use a left-handed reliever, and might be in the market for a Starting Pitcher.  Here goes nothing…

Braves get Brandon McCarthy, Martin Prado, Eric Chavez, Joe Thatcher, and cash considerations

Diamondbacks get David Hale, Chris Johnson, Todd Cunningham, and Cody Martin

In the trade above, Prado becomes the roamer for the Braves once again, holding down 3rd base against LHP. Eric Chavez spot starts at 3rd base against RHP while the OF does the “BJ’s benched shift” with Heyward to CF, J. Upton to RF, and Prado to LF. Brandon McCarthy takes over as the 5th starter for the Braves. He’s having a hard time keeping the ball in the park and would greatly benefit from the move away from Arizona. He’s had 10 starts at home,  1 in Colorado, 2 in Chicago (one against the Cubs, one against the White Sox). That’s rough for anyone. He could easily be a 3.50 ERA pitcher at Turner Field.

In closing, I’ll say that the Braves have a few players of which they could very well sell high on, one being Shae Simmons and Juan Jaime.  While I don’t condone trading Shae, the  Braves just might pull the trigger if the return is good.  Jaime, on the other hand, I’d love for the Braves to sell high on him.  What do you all think?