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Report (dispelled): Braves Have Claimed Mark DeRosa [updates]


Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

A report on MLB Trade Rumors site tonight is that Mark DeRosa of the Blue Jays has been claimed on waivers. While the claiming team is officially unknown at this point, a report from an Ottawa sports reporter – Craig Smith – is that the Atlanta Braves are that team [hat tip to TT writer Fred Owens for the retweet on this]


"Ken Rosenthal (via twitter) – Sources: #BlueJays will not move DeRosa, who has been claimed on waivers. Team holds $750K option on him for next season."

We received a request from Craig Smith (@1310CraigSmith via twitter) to change the attribution of the above report.  His original tweet was this:

"Craig Smith ‏@1310craig 11hReports: Atlanta Braves pick up Mark DeRosa on waivers from the #BlueJays. Toronto can still pull him back before tomorrow. #MLB"

He did not cite a source of his own here – nor has he subsequent to this – and has requested that he not be directly linked.  From the wording, I had presumed that he was privvy to those “reports” directly (the fallacy of operating in a 140-character world).  Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave us with anything more than a rumor.  As we reported, though, it would be surprising if DeRosa were to make it past 27 other teams to fall to Atlanta.

The more important part:  it does appear from Ken Rosenthal’s report that the Blue Jays are intending to keep the 38-year-old, thus removing the drama all together… regardless who the claiming team is.


THURS NOON UPDATE:  It wasn’t Atlanta


The MLBTR report mentions that tomorrow Thursday is the deadline for a trade to be completed for this deal.  The Blue Jays have the option to pull DeRosa back – removing him from the waiver wire – if a trade proposal is not acceptable to them.

DeRosa is currently on a $750K deal with a 2014 team option for the same amount.  He is a 15-year veteran, aged 38, and was with Atlanta from 1998 through 2004.  This year, he has appeared in 61 games for Toronto, hitting .231 (.317 OBP, .765 OPS) with 7 homers and 29 RBI in 164 plate appearances.  He was on the field tonight, going 1 for 5 with a walk and 2 strikeouts in 9-7 loss to the Mariners.

DeRosa’s value is as both a RH pinch-hitter and utility man, as he can literally play all over the field… except perhaps shortstop, pitcher, and catcher.  It would be nice to reunite with this old friend.

Frankly, winning this claim would be a surprise.  The Braves are literally the next-to-last team in line right now:  the entire American League would get first crack, then all National League clubs except Pittsburgh.  But it’s also possible that the other competitive clubs passed in the hopes of someone ‘bigger’.

What Would He Cost Atlanta?

Likely not very much.  I would estimate a minor prospect – and someone not on the 40-man roster, which would ease the transaction.  That said, it might be a little tricky:  once a claim is awarded, teams have 48 hours to work out a deal.  The first day has reportedly already passed, though there could be a delay while the Blue Jays scramble their scouts to take a quick look at players the Braves may have offered.

We show know something later


on Thursday, I expect.