Trade Deadline Day: All News/Rumors Here


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JULY 31:  FIVE+ HOURS TO GO.  Let’s have a little fun:  since the Braves are now unlikely to add a starter, it would seem, let’s monitor all the rumors, all the deals, all the news of this last five hours before the trade deadline.  All right here… with all (related) comments welcomed!  Updates will be posted here as they arrive.  Dunno what the Braves will do – but we’ll monitor everybody… sources are all over the place… generally MLBTR and industry twitter links.  All times EDT.  Refresh often!


LATE TUESDAY – THE PEAVY DEAL.  Three-ways are … interesting.

Red Sox:  got RHP Jake Peavy (from Chicago WS) and 26-year-old RHP Brayan Villarreal (from Detroit).  They are also responsible for the $20 million remaining on Peavy’s contract.  Villiarreal isn’t arbitration eligible until 2015.  He pitched very well in 2012; only 4 major league innings in 2013, pitching… well, pretty poorly at both AAA and at Detroit.

Detroit:  SS Jose Iglesias is their prize (from Boston).  They have terrible defense on the left side of their infield – this solves that… and allows them to replace Jhonny Peralta once he’s suspended (maybe?).  Detroit has now addressed both big holes that they had – SS and bullpen.  Iglesias is 23 (from Cuba) and won’t be arbitration eligible until 2016… but being Cuban, he’s on a 4 yr/$14+m deal that ends after this year.  I believe the Tigers will still control him.  Great glove, very good bat this year.

Chicago:  gets OF prospect Avisail Garcia, ranked 74th by Baseball America at the beginning of the year.  He’s 22, and was hitting .273 for Detroit this year in 30 games.  Oh, and .he hit .380-something at Toledo.  “All-Star Upside.”

Chicago also gets three Class A players:  RHP pitcher Francellis Montas, shortstop Cleuluis Rondon, and RHP  J.B. Wendelken (all from Boston).  I don’t have the ‘upsides’ of these guys, but none of their names appear on the list of top 60 at

Given this return, I would have to add that the Braves could have competed with this deal.  Easily.  So that tells me quite a bit.

Still scratching my head on why the Red Sox ended up helping a possible playoff foe (the Tigers) in this deal.


10:50am – Lots of posturing going on about teams ‘likely standing pat’ today.

  • White Sox want to move Alex Rios today.  Pirates being coy.
  • Pirates looking at both David DeJesus and Nate Schierholtz.  Likely to get one of them… unless White Sox drop the price on Rios.
  • Meanwhile, Cubs not seeing what they want for Jeff Samardzija.  Not likely to be moved (and they have him for another year).
  • Cliff Lee not being traded today, we’re told.  Chase Utley and Phils now working on extension?
  • DBacks still want to move Ian Kennedy.  Were spurned on Peavy.
  • Padres trying to move relievers – not outfielders.  Since Braves have Scott Downs, Joe Thatcher isn’t on their radar anymore, but he still might go somewhere.  Luke Gregerson is available – for a high price.
  • One outfielder who is available is Mike Morse (Seattle).  He’s a rental.  That might very well be interesting for somebody.
  • Angels were dangling Jason Vargas yesterday.  No buzz so far on him today.
  • Cardinals not looking for catching help (Yadier Molina hurt).



  • Michael Young has likely insured that he isn’t going anywhere by flexing his no-trade clause.  Boston is addressing needs from within.
  • Rays want a bat.  Morse, perhaps (speculation on my part)?
  • Marlins standing pat… probably.
  • Royals want a second baseman, but aren’t seeing many options (gee, I know some folks around here who’d be happy to send a pair of forearms :D)
  • Interesting quote here:

"There are a lot of present and veteran Braves who think the club is making a serious mistake by allowing Brian McCann to hit the open market at the end of the season, writes Peter Gammons at “Only the people around the team understand what he means to that pitching staff. He’s a star player in the team concept,” said David Ross of McCann, who also leads the team with a .884 OPS."



  • Orioles still looking hard at Bud Norris… and Justin Morneau (Jim Bowden).  Morneau still owed a lot of money (about $4.5m); rental contract.  Twins should cut best deal they can get and move on, for he’s not worth a Qualifying Offer, despite his current contract.  Contradictory report:  Jon Heyman tweets that Orioles have not yet made an offer for Norris.
  • Athletics want bullpen depth.  That should be a pretty easy task to resolve today, frankly.
  • Michael Young apparently saying he’s willing to go to Boston.  Well, I’m personally thinking that his ship sailed last night.
  • More conflicting reports on Astros’ Bud Norris.  One says “final offers” being accepted.  Sounds like Orioles and maybe Giants; DBacks and Pirates backing off.



  • More GM’s & AGM’s are telling me they’re probably not going to make a move today than I can ever remember with only a few hours left” – Jim Bowden.  Well, that’s kinda deflating.
  • Return of the wooly mammoth? Dolly [the cloned sheep] scientist says beast should be cloned” – Can he work on Giancarlo Stanton next?  Just sayin’
  • Giants talking with Tigers about Javier Lopez.  The Tigers have address their needs already (see above), but this would certainly solidify their bullpen.



  • The rumor on Javier Lopez and the Tigers appears to have legs.
  • Orioles and Morneau – as I suspected, the money is an issue.  Neither team wants to pay it; Twins will likely be stuck with it.
  • Jim Bowden still thinks Michael Young might end up in Boston.  I’m listening to an interview with Charlie Manual (Phils manager) right now, and he’s heard nothing… about to fill out his lineup card.
  • Lance Berkman is reportedly considering retirement and the forfeiture of the rest of his contract – looks like he could be done.  Injury not improving.  Will consult with Rangers brass today, I hear.
  • Pirates and Red Sox said to be interested in Padres’ setup man Luke Gregerson.
  • Blue Jays showing interest in Howie Kendrick.  Wha – what?  Apparently Kansas City is thinking about him, too.  But the way the Blue Jays do business, Howie could already be on a plane for Oakland (that’s where Toronto is playing tonight!).
  • Charlie Manual believes that a Chase Utley extension could be done pretty quickly.  Mutual interest.


NOON – 4 hours to go

  • Ken Rosenthal:  “Conflicting info on #STLCards plans: Told now they ARE looking for catcher with Molina on DL. Previously told club thought it would be OK.”
  • Jayson Stark:  “Likelihood is growing that #Pirates don’t do anything today & see what’s out there in August, according to several teams talking with them.
  • Jhonny Peralta says “no comment” on whether he will appeal a suspension.  Weighing options.  ARod is appealing his… but I really don’t wanna talk about ARod today.  Or again.
  • Indians have at least kicked the tires on reliever Javier Lopez.  Might be realizing that if Detroit gets him, might as well stick (the final) fork into their otherwise impressive season.
  • Off-topic.  Delta passenger flying from Seattle to JFK (New York) on Tuesday opted to abandon luggage rather than pay $1400 in luggage fees (overweight bags, extra bags).  Ended up shutting down the Delta lobby for 2 hours!  #revenge.



  • Cardinals and Molina:  knee injury is significant, persistent.  Okay, my guess is that they WILL make a move here – perhaps for Carlos Ruiz (Phillies).  Among other reasons, he was a Braves-killer before this year… of course he apparently had some chemical help.  Meanwhile Kelly Shoppach has now opted out of his minor league deal with the Nationals… another viable option for St. Louis.
  • Royals have continued to scout Gorden Beckham and Alex Rios.
  • Tim Brown:  ‘Word from Twins camp: “Painfully quiet.”



  • Nick Carfardo (Boston Globe) sez that Cleveland isn’t giving up yet – trying to get a starter.
  • Why do I keep seeing reports that Cliff Lee won’t be traded today?  Boston apparently was simply using Philly as leverage for Peavy yesterday.  Somebody alert Captain Obvious:  nobody will buy Lee’s contract… much less add prospects on top of that to take it on.
  • Rangers are aggressively pursuing a bat.  Guessing Michael Young‘s calls are not being answered.
  • Braves are now 5-0 at the Waffle House (formerly known as Turner Field).  Dave O’Brien tweets that they do not feel compelled to go after a starting pitcher in this “limited” market.



  • Blue Jays could do a lot today, but apparently only looking to move Emilio Bonifacio, according to Jayson Stark.  He would be a little interesting for Atlanta – speed, can play infield and outfield positions.  Could replace guys like Constanza, Pastornicky (in AAA) and maybe Reed Johnson, depending on how severe his Achilles injury is (uncertain, but he was put on the DL).
  • Nationals don’t have anything going on right now (Davey Johnson was interviewed).
  • Andrelton Simmons is just awesome
  • Jon Heyward thinks Orioles, Pirates, and others are “in” on Justin Morneau.  Frankly, I think Texas could be… but that’s about it.  Morneau might even clear waivers in August, given his deal.
  • Jon Morosi:  “Mariners are in active trade discussions involving both Tom Wilhelmsen and Oliver Perez, source says.”
  • Mike Ferrin (XM Radio) tweet:  Orioles are actively pursuing both Mike Morse and Oliver Perez of the #Mariners today, accdg to a source. Would like a combo deal.
  • Bud Norris is still an Astro.
  • Shameless self-promotion:  check back tomorrow morning for a comprehensive class about how trades can still be done in August.



  • Jim Bowden, Jon Heyman now confirming that Seattle has apparently had its coffee and is now starting a fire sale of relievers, plus Mike Morse.
  • Baltimore NOT in on Morneu (Dan Connelly, Balt Sun).  Duh!

"Jeff Passan ‏@JeffPassan 21s  Latest on Bud Norris: Atlanta has jumped into foray. Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Arizona still possibilities. General sense: He’ll be dealt."

12:45pm – Contradictions (again!)



  • Jim Bowden:  “Dodgers Joc Pederson (teams best OF prospect) is not in AA lineup for Chattanooga today…could the Dodgers have ONE more big move left?”  [now THIS is how speculation should be done!]
  • XM MLB wants to pile on:  Suggesting Wilhelmsen for the Dodgers… they definitely need bullpen help… Bowden now tweets the same thing.
  • Rangers said to be longshot for Morneau, despite Berkman.  But they have allegedly inquired about Jose Bautista.  A later report added other Blue Jays’ sluggers, but Toronto has hung up the phone.



  • Okay, I’ll speculate wildly:  Matt Garza to Atlanta for Joey Terdoslavich and a couple of minor pieces might make sense.  The Rangers would be killed for moving Garza again after what they just gave up, but they can’t possibly expect the same in return if they actually want to move consider moving him:  he is a rental guy.
  • Meanwhile:  word is that Nelson Cruz could be appealing a suspension, so maybe they might not need a bat??
  • Jon Heyman thinks that Ian Kennedy-to-Padres (for someone out of their bullpen – I’m thinking Gregerson) is “gaining traction.”  Makes sense, but honesty compels me to say that he’s been wrong a lot, frankly.  Oh, wait:  now he tweets that his source is colleague Danny Knobler.  Well okay, then.


1:30pm – 150 minutes to go.

  • Which “Oliver” reliever will be dealt?  Perez from Seattle or Danny from Toronto?  Tigers still clogging up the bullpen shopping lanes (don’t you just hate it when people park their carts in the middle of the aisle??).  Blue Jays have a lot to offer on their shelves, though.  Diamondbacks and Tigers are most aggressive on the bullpen front.
  • Contradicting his own speculation, Jim Bowden tweets this:  “Dodgers are NOT trading Joc Pederson and “will not even discuss”…so forget that idea“.  I like closure.
  • Still a heckuva lot more smoke than fire, so far today.



  • Bob Nightengale:  “The #Twins believe that Morneau would clear waivers in August and could be moved then”.  Not unless Minnesota is willing to eat some of that money – even then.
  • Let’s think of the math here:  Morneau is still due $5m now.  In another two weeks, he’ll be due $3.33 million.  The Twins need to bite the $2m now in order to get the better negotiations/better return.  I’m no GM, but that’s obvious.
  • Ken Rosenthal and others are now reporting that a deal between the Padres and Diamondbacks for LHSP Ian Kennedy (to San Diego) and LHRP Joe Thatcher (to AZ) is in the works.
  • Huh.  Finally, a Marlon Byrd sighting in the rumors.  Meanwhile, Cubs still working on deals – sounds like bullpen arms, Schierholtz and DeJesus.


1:45pm:  Nationals trailing Detroit and Justin Verlander, 5-1 in the second inning.  I’d like to request a moment of silence on the passing of the Nationals.

Thank you.


2:10pm – under 2 hours remaining.

1st Actual Trade of the Day:  Joe Thatcher to the DBacks… Ian Kennedy to the Padres.  Padres AA prospect Matt Stites (RHP, closer type, 20th ranked in their system) and the Padres next Compensation round draft pick in 2014 (that will happen between rounds 2 and 3).  Would that be a ‘player to be drafted later’?  Guess Kennedy wasn’t gritty enough for Kevin Towers.  Sounds fair for both sides.

  • MLBTR:  “Yankees Not Close to Landing Third Baseman”.  That’s a story???
  • Oh boy – Jim Bowden’s XM show just started… this oughta start getting really nutty.
  • Michael Younghmmm, hadn’t heard of him said to be okay with going to the Yankees now.  Whatever.  I’ve really stopped caring.



  • Yadi Molina to the disabled list (sprained ankle).  Odd, considering the concern about his knees that I heard earlier.
  • More from Bob Nightengale:  “The #STLCards put Molina and Robinson on DL and call up Chambers and Peterson
  • Bud Norristhe human trade rumor for 2014 – “odds up to 75%” of being dealt.  Multiple teams.  Trouble is, the teams that could use him the most aren’t going after him (Rockies, Padres).  Indians would be a reasonable idea.  Think the Pirates, Orioles already have what Norris would give them.  DBacks just traded away a better option than Norris (*smh*).
  • Ken Rosenthal:  “Finally some movement on Norris: #Pirates, #Orioles, #DBacks in touch with #Astros, talks have accelerated in last hour.


2:30pm – 90 minutes

  • Luke Gregerson to remain a Padre now that Thatcher was traded.
  • Starting to see multiple tweets that have this pattern:  “_____ will likely not move _________ today; may consider deal in {August; off-season}”
  • Erik Bedard scratched from tonight’s start by Astros.  Guessing he wants to preserve another no-hitter?  #tooharsh?
  • Ken Rosenthal:  “sources say Dioner Navarro to Cards is “possible” but not close.” (Catching help)



  • Yankees getting offers for SP Phil Hughes.  No word on how receptive they are being.
  • Javier Lopez (remember him?  See 3 hours ago) could stay a Giant.  Seems San Francisco is holding firm on their demands for him.  Cincinnati sighting!  Joel Sherman is hearing that the Reds have interest in Lopez.

Bottom of the 4th inning.  It’s TEN to 1, Detroit leading Nationals.  The Tigers are still batting. 

Gio Gonzalez‘ line today:  10 outs, 11 hits, 10 earned runs.


Could a deal involving Phil Hughes make sense for Atlanta?  Read this from MLBTR:

"The Yankees are getting offers for righty Phil Hughes now, tweets Bob Nightengale of USA Today.  Hughes, 27, has a 4.58 ERA, 7.5 K/9, 2.5 BB/9, 1.61 HR/9, and 30.1% groundball rate in 112 innings for the Yankees this year and will be eligible for free agency after the season.  Hughes’ home run problems have been much worse at Yankee Stadium, so a change of scenery leading up to free agency would be to his benefit."

Turner Field (AKA, the Waffle House) would certainly be a friendlier venue.  Those numbers above are not too far off from Mike Minor‘s… once you consider the AL/NL differential.  Do note that he would be a ‘rental’.

There’s a story up now about the Hughes rumor, speculating a deal for Phil Hughes.  Let’s see:  homer-prone pitcher in that Citizens Bank bandbox of a ballpark.  Riiiiiiighht.



  • Sounds like teams want the Orioles to shop at their equivalent of Macy’s, while they’d prefer Dollar General.  Seems to be a large gap – in everything they’ve been linked to.
  • Ken Rosenthal:  “Source: #STLCards in discussions to acquire Navarro from #Cubs.



Second trade of the day:  Sources: #Royals acquire OF Justin Maxwell from #Astros. (Ken Rosenthal)

  • Been waiting around, but no follow-up yet on the terms of this deal… Rosenthal the only one with this report.  Maybe nobody cares?
  • Padres are “done” today.



  • Off-topic news item:  “#Hawaii lawmakers want to buy homeless one-way plane tickets off island.”  Just curious:  how did they get on the island(s) in the first place?
  • Phillies say they are “skeptical” that they’ll be involved in any moves in the last hour, including Michael Young.  Wait… this is my ‘shocked’ face:
  • Jeff Passan (Yahoo) suggests the Maxwell deal (whatever it actually consists of) is a good, cheap OF platoon solution for KC (with David Lough)
  • Slow news is slow.



  • Mark Bowman:  “With a little more than 30 minutes before the #TradeDeadline, it still appears #Braves are more likely to land a backup INF in August.
  • Dave O’Brien:  “Yes. RT @DaveyBoy_BACHKO: @ajcbraves Is it safe to say Braves are at least paying due diligence, talking to clubs about poss. acquisitions?
  • DOB again:  “T-minus 33 minutes, and all is believed to be quiet on the #Braves trade front.



  • Ken Rosenthal:  “Sources: #Orioles making progress on acquiring Norris from #Astros.
  • Jim Bowden has declared this the ‘Ambien Trade Deadline” (Angling for sponsorship?   A bit late)
  • Finally –  Bob Dutton tweet:  “#Royals acquire OF Justin Maxwell from Houston for minor-league pitcher Kyle Smith.”
  • Smith is a High-Class-A RH pitcher, ranking somewhere around 10th-12th on Royals prospects lists.

TRADE:  Sources: #Orioles agree to acquire [Bud] Norris from #Astros for Hoes and another piece. Finalizing now.

L.J. Hoes is the Orioles’ #6 prospect – just was promoted to the majors.  ‘Other piece’ will be a RH minor league pitcher [Josh Hader], plus the Orioles ‘B’ level compensation pick (between Rounds 2 and 3) for 2014.


Huh.  Guess that wasn’t bad speculation on my part (see 2:40 above):

"MLBTR:  The Braves talked to the Yankees about Hughes but it won’t happen, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.Sherman follow-up:  “For those ask y could be interest in Hughes: 3.02 ERA is 8th-best AL road ERA (min 40IP). Could be better out of YS. #Yankees“"



  • Rosenthal:  “Source: #SFGiants will not move J. Lopez unless overwhelmed in final 15 minutes. High asking price.
  • Jim Bowden:  “Tigers “never tried” on Javier Lopez according to #source
  • Rosenthal:  “Pirates are quiet.”
  • Eduardo Encino: “Hoes was shocked to see tweet regarding trade. He didn’t know. In Houston clubhouse Norris’ locker is untouched. #orioles
  • Rosenthal:  “Told #STLCards’ pursuit of #Cubs’ Navarro has slowed. Teams unable to agree on price. Deal appears doubtful.”

NEWS ITEM:  Rays’ Matt Moore to DL with ‘elbow soreness’.  Scary.



  • News Item:  B.J. Upton begins rehab with Gwinnett tonight.
  • Jon Morosi:  “#Marlins are not discussing Giancarlo Stanton with other teams at this hour, source says. @FOXSportsLive … nor any other hour this year, I suppose.  In all seriousness, that’s probably the right move – Miami quietly assembling something that could be pretty good in a couple of years.
  • Slight hang-up in the medicals on the Norris deal – involving Josh Hader.  A switch in the player could be coming.  #NoBigDeal  UPDATE:  no change from Baltimore’s end; looks like the Astros added an international player signing slot (going to the Orioles).
  • I am hearing the sounds of a lot of phones being hung up.


4:00pm EDT.  IT’S OVER.

  • Tom Withers (AP):  “#indians misspelled new guy Marc Rzepczynski’s name on lineup posted in clubhouse. Dropped second “z.”  That’s why he’s called “Scrabble”!
  • Andrew Baggerly:  “It’s 4 pm. [Hunter] Pence just strutted through the clubhouse, both arms raised. Big smile.
  • Bob Nightengale:  “The #Cubs are done for the month with no last minute trades”  (did nothing today)
  • Joel Sherman:  “#Giants made no deals, didn’t even move Javier Lopez
  • Sherman:  “#Rays did not make a deal. There was thought could go for Morse.”
  • Jayson Stark:  “I’m told at least one trade was completed before the deadline. Stay tuned
  • Adam Rubin: “Got confirmation from #Mets official: there was no last-minute deal. Team intact.”
  • Sherman again:  “#Mariners made no trades. Held onto Morales, Morse, Ibanez. 2 weeks ago that would have been a shock.”
  • (He’s calling everybody):  “#Bluejays tried to move Oliver and Bonifacio, but did nothing also
  • Morosi:  “No Red Sox deals at the final horn.
  • Sherman:  “#Nationals also stood pat at deadline”
  • Morosi:  “The Marlins had a lot of conversations leading up to 4 p.m. ET, but no deals.
  • Nothing still from Jayson Stark about a possible last-second deal as of 4:15pm.  If anything, it could not have been significant.  This from Jon Heyman could be telling, though:  “there was a 3-way trade that didnt quite make it at the end. so no more deals from what i hear.
  • Wait!  Here it is:  TRADE #4:  Tim Brown (Yahoo):  “Dodgers acquire catcher Drew Butera from Twins.”  #underwhelming

The Braves lead in the NL Easy (pun intended) is now 10.5 games.

…and Michael Young is still a Phillie.

I’m done.  We’ll talk about waivers tomorrow morning.  Go Braves!