I have had a tradition since I was ten years old to go to every Braves home opener. And ..."/> I have had a tradition since I was ten years old to go to every Braves home opener. And ..."/>

New Things at Turner Field


I have had a tradition since I was ten years old to go to every Braves home opener. And this year was no different. I arrived at the ballpark as early as possible, and after watching some batting practice, I made sure to check out the new foods and activities that Turner Field has this year. Usually, in the past, Turner Field hasn’t had any noticeable changes to from year to year, but this year there are quite a few. Here is a recap of what’s new:

Taco Mac Fun Zone

Basically this is a place where kids can run around and play baseball or video games and what not. From what I remember from last year’s Cartoon Network Clubhouse, the Taco Mac Fun House looks the same and serves the same purpose. However, there is a station inside it where you can buy a $5 soda from one of those cool, multi-flavored vending machines (the same one at Taco Macs, Willy’s, Moe’s, and some other restaurants). It’s supposed to be the first drink machine of its kind in a major league park! In my opinion, it would’ve been awesome to have an actual Taco Mac restaurant there, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Brick Oven Pizzeria

As a major pizza lover, this I had to try. While it does have a little more taste to it, there’s not a major difference from the other pizza that is served around the park. In my opinion, it’s still not as good as restaurant pizza, but for ballpark food, it’s definitely one of the better choices at Turner Field.

Kevin Rathbun Steak

The line for this was at least 45 minutes long, and of course, my brother made me wait with him. However, he says it was definitely worth the wait, and while it was the most expensive food in the ballpark ($15), the steak sandwich was definitely the tastiest. As exhibited by the long lines, it was extremely popular by Braves fans last night, and it could perhaps become one of the more popular foods served at an MLB ballpark all across America.

New Scoreboard

There’s a brand new scoreboard near the Gas South sign beside the Budweiser patio.  It shows the Braves pitcher’s stats and also totals his strikeouts.   While it’s barely noticeable, it’s new nonetheless.

Combined with some new foods and features and awesome hitting, last night was definitely one of the better home openers I’ve been to thus far. Hopefully, the Braves can keep these bats rolling and win another tonight! Go Braves!

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