Mike Minor made some comments about being traded..."/> Mike Minor made some comments about being traded..."/>

Trading Mike Minor isn’t a good idea


I guess after Mike Minor made some comments about being traded it’s only natural that Ben Nicholson-Smith would write about him being a trade candidate on MLB Trade Rumors. I am here to tell you that this is a lie. Mike Minor is not going to be traded this season.

What evidence do I have? Here you go:

Tim Hudson215 innings (coming off of back surgery)
Tommy Hanson130 innings (shoulder injury put him out last year, and a revamped delivery)
Jair Jurrjens152 innings (knee injury put him out last year, injury prone throughout career)
Brandon Beachy141 innings (missed some time with an oblique injury)

Ben says this in his article:

"Minor’s arguably someone who could help a big league team win now by providing steady innings at the back of a rotation. Contenders such as the Red Sox, Tigers and Angels have competition in their rotations entering Spring Training and could have interest."

Sure those teams could use some steady innings but the Braves could as well. We have depth sure, but we also have a rotation filled with guys coming off of injuries. We can’t just assume that they are all going to come back 100% and we definitely can’t assume that Delgado or Teheran could handle a full season in the rotation yet. Right now Minor is being counted on to throw the most innings out of all of our starting pitchers.

To Ben’s credit he does say that “There’s no reason to believe GM Frank Wren intends to pat with Minor…”

I would still prefer to trade JJ after he has thrown some solid games then trade away any of our young pitching. Money is going to be getting tighter for the Braves over the next few years and those young arms are going to be extremely valuable to us.

If Mike Minor get’s traded it will either be because someone offers an absolutely ridiculous package for him, or because he starts to cause too much trouble in the clubhouse with his trade talk.

Both of these are extremely unluckily and I would still go out and buy that Minor jersey if I were you.

Franklin Rabon has a post up on Capitol Avenue Club that addresses this situation as well, but he talks more about what exactly Minor says more. If you want to read more into this whole situation be sure to check it out.