Was This The Last We’ve Seen Of Cory Gearrin?

By Editorial Staff

Hello again everyone from that Mecca of Sizzle, that Temple of Temperature, that true vacation Hotspot, the sun, fun capital of the Midwest, the state of Michigan. With a buildup like that, I guess it was good that our heat index hit 105 today!

On the topic of getting hit, the true chart topper today was Cory Gearrin. His outing today, much like the one prior, can only be described as ugly. In fact, I think the Braves will send Cory on his way back to Gwinnett, maybe very soon. Here’s why I feel this way.

First and foremost, the Braves are in a pennant race. There is little room for right handed relievers sporting a well-earned ERA of 7.65. I don’t have all the updated peripherals after tonight’s outing, but this is a case where there is nothing fluky about the ERA. His WHIP is in the range of 2.00 and the bad guys are hitting him for average and power when Gearrin isn’t walking them. Other than a high strikeout rate, there isn’t a lot good to say.

On the other hand, I think Gearrin has the potential to be a serviceable reliever long-term. He has good deception from a sidearm slot and plus velocity for a side-armer. His slider is generally reliable as well. What the Braves can’t afford to have happen is for him to have his confidence shattered.

So, Fredi Gonzalez needs a reliable arm. Gearrin needs to go somewhere and get his head back on straight at the same time he straightens out his problems with his arm. And Frank Wren was quoted as saying that the team has “arms on the farm” to help out in relief. While I think this will mean Arodys Vizcaino soon, I think he’s not quite ready as a reliever yet. While he is Superman, he’s only been pitching in relief for a week. He might need two weeks to leap tall buildings. But there are several other options available. I say pick one and let’s see what we have before the trade deadline gets here.

That’s my take; care to share yours?