Braves Fish The Bottom, Call Up Lugo


Hello again everyone! I’m coming to you again from Michigan today, where it’s only 85 degrees but with humidity approaching the same levels, it still feels like it’s in the 90’s.

Things don’t look so hot to me on the baseball front, though. In a move that seems to smack of desperation to me the Braves purchased the contract of Julio Lugo from Gwinnett today.

Lugo was hitting all of .231 at Gwinnett since being signed to a minor league contract by the Braves. He had 7 RBI’s in 13 games. To make room for Lugo, the Braves sent Diory Hernandez back down to Gwinnett.

I guess the Braves figure he can’t do any worse than what the other Braves have done of late. My concern is that I don’t think he’ll do any better. He hasn’t been productive in the majors since 2009, a year he split between St. Louis and Boston.

The Braves offensive problems won’t be cured with moves like this one. Given the Braves budget, I’m not sure that anything but time will cure the problems. I’m not convinced that this even helped the bench, but I guess it gives everyone something to talk about besides the sub-.200 hitting the team has put together over the past week or so. I guess it doesn’t matter so long as all our starters emulate Tim Hudson, pitching 8 plus innings of 2 hit shutout ball and providing the only 2 runs the team scored via his own home run. Oh, and also providing that Craig Kimbrel is there to pick up all three of the final three outs via strikeout. The trouble is that nothing much short of this would have won yesterday’s game.

That’s my take. I’d love to hear yours.