Why Proctor?


Hello again everyone from beautiful southeast Michigan, land of wonderful weather for back to back days.

Unfortunately, the Braves couldn’t put together back to back wins over the Mets, losing 5-0 as the floodgates opened on Jair Jurrjens in the seventh inning of what had been a 0-0 pitcher’s duel.

While the trouble started when Alex Gonzalez dropped a routine ground ball while moving it to his throwing hand, there was no scoring done until Fredi Gonzalez went to the bullpen. And I’m honestly dumbfounded as to how it went down.

With the bases loaded and the left-handed hitting Jose Reyes coming to the plate, Fredi elected to bring in the right handed Scott Proctor, he of the fly ball tendency, to face him. Why one would do this with three lefties still in the pen befuddles me. So, in no great surprise, Reyes cleared the bases with a triple to right field.

As I’ve said before, Fredi’s bullpen usage “plum evades” me (to borrow an expression from “God’s Own Drunk”). I can’t find any school, be it old school, new school, or pre-school, that teaches his methodology. Does anyone else have any insights into his thinking?