All Division World Series Needs Your Vote


Hello again everyone from snowy Michigan.

By now I trust that all of you voted for the NL East in the FanSided playoffs, as the NL East won the NL pennant in a landslide. All that remained was for our opponent to be decided for the All Division World Series.

Well, to no one’s huge surprise, the AL East has now won the AL pennant and is our opponent for the Series. As I’m sure you’d expect, they are a formidable foe, led by not only players from the “Evil Empire”, but the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and the Rays. Heck, there was even a report of an Oriole spotting.

Given all that, it is your sworn duty as a member of the TomahawkTake Nation and the NL East squad to protect our honor and bring us home victorious! Go to here and vote for the NL East. Go to every computer at work and vote! Borrow your son or daughter’s laptop and vote. Sneak away with your spouse’s iPad and vote. Vote! Vote! Vote! until your fingers bleed!!! (OK, so maybe that’s a little excessive 🙂 ). Voting ends at 12:00 AM, March 19. GO NL EAST!!