Chipper Homers; Only Phillies Feel Pain Today


Hello again everyone! I’m coming to you tonight from what has once again become the winter wonderland of Michigan. It’s been snowing and sleeting all day. One of my 12 year old labs looked like she was skiing when she stepped off the deck to do her business and proceeded to slide downhill, first on her feet then her butt!

Down in Florida, things continue to look up for Braves fans that are monitoring the Chipper rehab. He played 6 innings at third base, hit a game-winning two run homer, and reported that, for the first time since surgery, he felt no pain from his knee all day.

The outlook on his knee seems to have taken a 180 degree change towards a positive course in the past week alone. After seemingly being a bid downtrodden about the reaction of his knee as late as last Saturday, it’s been nothing but good news since. And that’s great news for the Braves. If Chipper can play 130+ games and regain a bit of his power stroke, the Braves lineup looks much more formidable. And if either McLouth or Schafer can produce at the top of the order (probably batting second as things look today), then Heyward can hit sixth, a slot where his hits will do much more damage. And not to get too giddy too early, but both McLouth and Schafer are playing well so far, especially McLouth. (Where is that wood to knock on when I need it???).

With the news out of Philadelphia about Domonic Brown’s broken hand and Chase Utley’s balky knee, the chances of the Braves ending the Phillies run of division championships are looking better to me (though I hate to see anyone getting hurt, or wish injury woes on any team; I’d rather battle it out “Mano-a-Mano”). What do you think?