The Best Divisional Lineup in Baseball!


By definition, we’re all fans of the Braves here and most would say the the NL and particularly the NL EAST  is the best division/league. But, which division would field the best lineup in a divisional All-Star series? The folks here at Fansided knowing that their readers are the experts want you to tell us. There’s a poll to pick the NL winner this week so hurry over to Call to the Pen and make your choice known. An AL poll will follow and then an NL v AL playoff will determine which division kicks butt best. Hopefully the AL won’t play by little league rules but even if they do, the folks at Tomahawk Take know we’ll kick the AL’s tail.

Vote now! Big Prizes (okay there aren’t any prizes I made that up, vote anyway pretty please)

Once again here’s that link for Call To The Pen  NL Division Lineups

As mayor Daley used to say, vote early and often. NL EAST IS THE BEAST!