Say Hi To Fred Owens!


Those of you with sharp eyes (OK, those of you who were awake when reading TomahawkTake), probably noticed that the recent article here on Sherrill and Linebrink wasn’t penned by me. If you were really sharp (OK, had taken your No Doz), you noticed the piece was written by Fred Owens.

Fred beat me to the punch with his post, but I still wanted to semi-formally (we don’t wear tuxes here) introduce him to the group as the newest member of the team. Fred will be a regular contributor going forward.

Shortly I’ll have a full bio posted for Fred on the “About” page here, but I wanted to give you a brief picture beforehand. Fred is a long-time Braves fan (meaning he can tell you what year Terry Forster first pitched for the Braves!). He makes his home in the United State of Texas. He used to host his own Braves blog. And he’s
a really good guy and a knowledgeable analyst.

Please join me in welcoming Fred to the group.