Chipper’s Goals In Sight


Hi everyone!

It seems that it’s fallback plan time, as Chipper’s apparently a no-show at the show. Even without being here, Chipper’s still a good topic of conversation. Instead of continuing the debate about whether or not he’s going to have a successful comeback, I think it might be enlightening to focus on some impressive milestones that are well within reach for him in 2011.

Let’s start with the round number of 1500. With just 6 more RBI’s, Chipper is there (yeah, it’s a “team stat” and all that, but 1500 is a lot!) and walks (I doubt he gets the 96 more he needs, but when healthy, he walks a lot). And, if you’re wondering, he already sits at 1505 runs scored.

He’s also zeroing in on 450 of the best “”true outcomes” in baseball, homeruns, needing only 14 to get there. (if you’re interested or just wonder what the heck I’m talking about, just Google “three true outcomes).

One that might surprise you a little is doubles; he only needs seven to reach 500 on his career.

Perhaps most impressive to me is that he only needs 10 hits to reach 2500. And this from a man who has lost a season and a half to injury (not to mention the minor stuff that’s cost him so many other games in his 30’s). It would take a miracle now for him to reach 3000 hits, but under the circumstances, 2500 is pretty impressive.

And, as these numbers show, he also hits for power. He only needs 135 more total bases for 4500 for his career. And his OPS+ still sits at a very healthy 142, even after two sub-par years.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s a Hall-Of-Famer. I’d think so even if he weren’t a switch-hitter. I also think he’s been by-and-large under-appreciated. How could he have only made six All-Star teams? As a homework assignment, go to his baseball-reference page and gaze at his MVP season of 1999 (for which he was not an All-Star). He was a monster! He was even a beast on the base paths!

In closing, check out this Fox Sports article for a look at a lot of other milestones that are potentially in reach for other players in 2011. It looks to be a great season.