Nate McLouth to Be Activated Tuesday


Nate McLouth is expected to be activated Tuesday and returned to the lineup. Frank Wren is determined to get McLouth some at bats before the trade deadline possibly in an attempt at trading him or including him in a trade. He has zero trade value right now but showcasing him for a couple weeks could change that if he was to hit some. That might be the problem, however.

I would take Gregor Blanco over McLouth for the duration of McLouth’s contract. I would take neither if another option was available, but the Braves are limited at center field for the rest of the season. If McLouth is to be traded, there’s no way a viable starting center candidate will be brought back in the deal unless a prospect is added. A Chris Young or B.J. Upton is possible if the prospect is rather large, but McLouth is nothing but an add-in in anything at this deadline. Until then, we will be living with McLouth in center and seeing more outs from the position than if Blanco was playing.