Jason Heyward Won’t Play in All Star Game


It appears that this Disabled List stint will cost Jason Heyward a chance to play in this year’s All Star Game. Heyward told the AJC that he wouldn’t participate if chosen due to the injury to his thumb. Heyward won’t be eligible to be activated from the Disabled List until July 12th which is the first day of the All Star Break.

"“I actually don’t plan on playing in the All-Star game if I’m selected because if I can’t play for this team right here right now, then I don’t want to go play in that game and jeopardize the second half,” Heyward said. “If I can, I’d still like to go and show my support and appreciation to the fans who voted.”"

Probably a good move on Heyward’s part to just goto the game if he is elected but not participate. Hopefully Heyward will be gearing up for a great second half for the Braves.