Kenshin Kawakami is Headed to the Bullpen


Tomahawk Take Nation spoke and the Braves listened. Probably not but, Kris Medlen will be staying in the starting rotation. That is a good thing as he has earned the opportunity. Medlen is 5-1 with a 3.15 ERA on the season. Jair Jurrjens will return to the rotation at the expense of Kenshin Kawakami for Wednesday’s series finale with the Washington Nationals. Kawakami will be moved into the bullpen.

There was some discussion as to moving Medlen to the pen would be a better option due to him being able to handle the transition better than Kawakami. However, Medlen’s strong showing over the last few weeks ultimately won out.

You have to feel for Kawakami a little as he had pitched better recently having just won his first game of the season this past weekend. His numbers still are not impressive (1-9, 4.48) so you can’t really argue the decision. Perhaps the most disheartening number about Kawakami is his salary as he is set to earn more than 7 million from the Braves this season.