Freddie Freeman Watch


With the Atlanta Braves running into offensive problems again in their second-straight loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, it is perfect timing to switch gears and check out Triple A ball.

Freddie Freeman, the Braves future first baseman, finally found the leather of the ball to punch two of them out of the ball park last night.

He now is back on the front seat in the Braves farm system and will once again be discussed as a possible mid-year pick up to provide the team with a little boost.

Well, the Braves need more than Freeman. The Phillies showed great command of the Braves last night and capitalized on errors the Braves made throughout the game.

With the first series pitting the Braves and Phillies against each other, the Phils walk away on top still. It’s a wonder if the Braves will ever dethrone the new kids on the block. As frustrating as it was to see Roy Halladay outduel Tim Hudson, it was even more annoying watching an old man completely confuse the Braves line up.

All is not over, though. At least Freddie Freeman finally found his swing.