The Braves Are Better Than The Rockies, So Move Heyward Up The Batting Order


The Atlanta Braves (7-5) showed this weekend that they are better than the Colorado Rockies.

Rookie Jason Heyward knocked in the winning run and saved the day for the Braves. Jair Jurrjens pitched a beautiful gem today but it was Heyward who got the accolades.

On several occasions this season this Atlanta Braves team has come out and played World Series-type baseball. Either the offense is unstoppable or the pitching is stellar and the bullpen saves the evening with a win.

This Braves team also has had error-filled, sloppy, uninspiring performances from the offense to the bull pen.

But those wins are so good. So good.

The Rockies are supposed to be kings of their own Division.

But the Braves showed them with tenacity that not only is 20-year-old Heyward the real deal, so is this Atlanta Braves team.

Heyward has 15 RBIs and he is batting behind two guys who are slumping, namely Nate McLouth.

It is time to move Heyward to either the No. 2 hitting spot or at the No. 5 spot.

This is the problem I have had with Bobby Cox for years: He has become complacent in coaching a damn team. He needs to move Heyward up the batting order now but it’s not sinking in Bobby’s head.

Hopefully, he won’t do it when the Braves momentum is sputtering to an end.