Braves Lose Second Game In A Row


The Atlanta Braves are on a two-game losing streak after tonight’s loss to the San Fransisco Giants.

Atlanta lost the lead in the 9th inning after Billy Wagner gave up a two-run homer to Edgar Renteria, who is on fire to start the season. The Giants then needed four more inning before Aaron Rowand closed the game for the Giants, who remain undefeated.

Another 1-run game for the Braves turns into a loss. They stranded a season-high 14 base runners. Yuck.

Tim Hudson looked incredible and held a 3-0 lead going into the 7th inning. He only pitched 77 pitched and walked no one. Although his strikeout count was low at 2, he appears fully recovered. That’s a bright sign for the 2-2 Braves.

The Giants are much-improved on offense and the pitching staff is very strong. This is a team to reckon with.

But the Braves know they are, too. After a surprising start of the season scoring 16 runs against the Cubs, the Braves have been involved in close games since then.

Wagner’s blown safe is disheartening. The Braves have worked hard at building a solid bull pen over the past five years and injuries coupled with bad luck have made it tough for them. The worst that could happen is Wagner is unable to close games and be one of the best closers in the National League. Having a strong closer is key for teams that have playoff caliber offense.