Who Is Tomahawk Take?


Before the season gets too crazy, I guess it is a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Dan and I’ve been an Atlanta Braves fan since 1989. Thank you TBS!

Despite the horrible blogging day yesterday in which I spelled one player’s name wrong and used the wrong first name for another player, I do know these Atlanta Braves pretty well. I watch every game and TIVO every game.

I was borne into Braves Nation with the likes of Oddibe McDowell, the tale-end of Dale Murphy’s career, Mark Lemke, Jeff Blauser and the beginning of John Smoltz’s career.

It is still to this day hard to believe the turn around the Braves had from 1989 to 1991. It was incredible.

The 14-season run of playoffs was miraculous. The one World Series win was a joy.

I’ll never forget the NL Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Sid Bream’s famous slide home.

My good friend Ray Kelsey shared all of these moments with me as high school buddies. He is a contributing writer for Tomahawk Take and should be coming on soon with posts.

After two games, the season doesn’t seem to be as onerous as some in the past. There is something special about this club.

Hopefully, you will find something special about this blog.