Minor League Alert: Braves Have Power Hitter In Farm System


The Atlanta Braves, in the first two games of the 2010 season and in their first series of the year, have yet to show a lack of power at the plate. It felt a bit surreal saying that, even if it is incredibly early in the season.

Jason Heyward has smacked a homer and double. Chipper Jones hit a game-winning home run last night. Neither of them hit more home runs than this Braves player who has yet to see the majors. In fact, the two Braves combined home run totals last season were almost not more than this kid.

In the wings waiting for his chance is Freddie Freeman, who if Glaus continues to stink it up may be playing first base quicker than anyone may have guessed.

It’s not Freddie, either.

His name is Cody Johnson, the Double-A Mississippi Braves’ left fielder. He hit 32 home runs in Class-A last season and his power continues.

But apparently his weaknesses at defense and control at the plate have kept him from moving up as fast as Freeman and Heyward, despite the power from this 6-foot-5-inch monster.

Who can help Johnson learn some discipline at the plate and improve on his defensive skills in the outfield? It’s unfortunate to see power of that kind in the minors from a former first round draft pick and not have him ready for the big leagues.

Maybe he should try third base and prepare to replace Chipper Jones when he runs off into the sunset, hopefully with another ring in his possession.