Chipper Jones Injured In Braves Third Game


Chipper Jones left the game tonight after taking an odd swing, possibly injuring his right obliques.

And the Braves offensive fireworks came to a violent end tonight in a 2-0 loss to the Chicago Cubs. This game was notable for several reasons.

  1. Tommy Hanson pitched well but he gave up two home runs that cost him an impressive win
  2. The Braves had eight hits and had the winning run at the plate in the ninth inning when Melky Cabrera struck out
  3. The Braves have a center field problem and Troy Glaus might suck
  4. Chipper is injured in the first series of the season

The Cubs lineup forced Hanson to pitch almost a perfect game by having patience at the plate. Hanson was taken out of a 2-0 game in the fifth inning because he had already reached the 100-pitch mark.

Troy Glaus finally got some hits but his slugging is really bad. He has three times left bases loaded without getting an RBI. Today he did it in the third inning. In the eighth inning, Martin Prado singled with one out and Brian McCann walked before Glaus left them both dry with a grounder.

The Braves had plenty of opportunities to score but tonight wasn’t the night.

The Cubs still lost the series 2-1.

Now the Braves head to San Fransisco for a three-game series that begins Friday. I was actually supposed to be in San Fran for this series but the trip was canceled.

The Giants should provide solid competition to the Braves and their solid pitching staff ought to test the Braves offense even further.