What A Moment: Rookie Jason Heyward Hits Bomb HR In First MLB At Bat


Wow. Jason Heyward just put the Atlanta Braves ahead 6-3 after a rocket shot home run. Heyward, the highly touted rookie, hit the 3-run homer in the first inning off  Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

Now, let’s not get too excited because there was a well-touted rookie for the Braves on opening day named Jordan Schafer, who did the same thing Heyward just did. A week later, Schafer’s .300 average plummeted and he went weeks without getting a hit before he was benched.

But Heyward’s swing just looked different. It looked like a swing only a star has. He hit the first pitch, which was a bit outside but still a strike, and you knew right away it was a home run.

Derek Lowe, however, has given up 3 runs and he’s likely to struggle more against a potent Cubs offense.

The Braves sold 3,000 more tickets when Heyward was announced a starter, which is double what they’ve done in the past.

Give Heyward a month and if he still looks good, then we might just have one of the best players in baseball to build a future around.