Braves Payroll Declines 13 Percent


In the wake of the start of the Atlanta Braves season opener against the Chicago Cubs, USAToday released its report of team finances for the year.

The Braves are one of 14 teams that lowered its payroll for the year. The Braves, with a total payroll of $84.4 million, dropped by 13 percent. You can read the report here.

"“The economy has affected all of us,” Atlanta Braves president John Schuerholz told USA Today. “It’s a fact of life,” Schuerholz said."

We know that teams with low payrolls can compete. The Florida Marlins won two championships are very low payrolls, but after those wins they shipped their star players to other teams.

The Braves’ season begins in 1 minute. A sweep of the Cubs would be an exciting start for 2010.