Johnny Damon Picks Tigers, Not Braves


Johnny Damon, 36, signed with the Detroit Tigers for $8 million today. The Tigers and the Atlanta Braves were rumored to be in the hunt for Damon, but the Braves offered HALF of what the Tigers offered, according to some media reports.

The Braves half-serious attempt at signing Damon probably means that young outfielder Jason Heyward will start the season with the team.  The only other outfielder with power is former Brave Jermaine Dye, who hit 27 home runs last year with the White Sox. His average isn’t so hot, .250 with the White Sox in 2009.

It’s blowing my mind that ESPN Baseball is talking about the Washington Nationals as “the new team” because of some mediocre pitching acquisitions and a new coach. No one is talking about the Braves. No one is talking about the rotation. No one is talking about Heyward or Freddie Freeman.

All of this almost seems like 1992 all over again.