Could Barry Bonds Help The Braves?


I am almost scared to make this post in fear of all of the flamers who will comment, but I am wondering if Barry Bonds could help the Atlanta Braves reach the playoffs this season.

The Braves do not have a true power hitter. Whether Bonds can still hit for power is unknown, but his agent has made it clear that Bonds has stayed in shape because he wants to play still.

The scorned player embattled in the steroids controversy, hasn’t played baseball in two years. No team showed interest in signing him last year. It looked like baseball had written him off.

Here is probably why this won’t work: even though Bonds hasn’t played in two years, he still will try to get a pricey contract–an amount the Braves could not afford. If I made you mad, don’t fret.

The fact that Mark McGuire admitted his steroid use and Bonds is still denying it certainly doesn’t help his reputation. And unless he opens up, there may never be a team interested in even acknowledging him.

I found this post interesting because the writer wondered what if Bonds was on the Braves teams during the heydays.

But if Bonds really wants to play baseball and prove himself, maybe he could take a pay cut and get the chance.