Steroids And David Justice; Tom Glavine To Work For Braves


With Mark McGuire finally admitting that he used steroids to heal quicker and play in more games, I wonder if more players will go public with the truth. David Justice was accused of using steroids, but I believe the time frame was when he was with the New York Yankees, and not the Atlanta Braves.

Any Braves fans from the 1990s had to of loved Justice. He played a big role in turning the organization around. But he started to get some nagging injuries a few years before the Braves let him leave. Steroid use was rampant during this time and Justice’s name did come up as a suspect of using the now-banned substance. If he did do it, now is the time to tell the truth.

The Braves have had discussions with Tom Glavine about working for the organization, according to the AJC. The newspaper reports that the Braves have considered hiring Glavine for as high as a front office job to counseling minor leaguers, which I think sounds the most promising. Glavine, a 305 game winner, means so much to the team. It would be great to see him help the Braves improve upon a successful season last year by getting them back into the playoffs. He doesn’t need to do it with his arm.