Braves Lose Kelly Johnson, Adam LaRoche To Diamondbacks


The Atlanta Braves said goodbye to second baseman Kelly Johnson and first baseman Adam LaRoche this month. The Arizona Diamondbacks signed both players to contracts.

I was surprised to see the Diamondbacks sign LaRoche to just a one-year deal. I thought for sure he would be able to attract at least a three-year deal. It is unfortunate that General Manager Frank Wren did not want to bring LaRoche, 30, back home for awhile.

The Braves signed outfielder Eric Hinske to a one-year deal. Hinske will be a pitch hitter. He’ll get $1 million for the year. The former rookie of the year has been in the World Series for three straight years on three different teams. Hinske also will be able to back up first baseman Troy Glaus, who is no stranger to injuries.