After Some Thought: Troy Glaus With The Braves Ain’t So Bad

I’ve simmered down a bit since the Atlanta Braves let Javier Vazquez sail away as they threw out the welcome mat for Troy Glaus to play first base. It could have been worse. And Glaus ain’t so bad.

Let me explain. Yes, he’s old in baseball talk.  He’s 33. What people do not know is if Glaus fully recovers from shoulder surgery, one of several injuries this guy has had in his career. But, Glaus is also a former league leader in home runs. For a few years he was a power bat with a decent batting average. Just two years ago he was a leader on the Cardinals.

Glaus could be exactly what the Braves needed. If he isn’t, then there’s just $2 million on the table for that gamble.

This might be one of general manager Frank Wren’s diamond-level moves.

He doesn’t make many of those.

I think what may be more of a question is whether Glaus can play first base all year. It is doubtful minor leaguer Freddie Freeman sees action this year.  Freeman is showing that he can hit, but he’s only 18. He broke the AA Rome Braves record for hits in a season, and he continued to be a hit machine last year. The Braves are looking to Freeman as the longterm answer to first base and the future of the organization. Paired with Jason Heyward, they are supposed to bring the Braves back into contention.