Braves Sign Troy Glaus To Play First Base


The Atlanta Braves signed third baseman Troy Glaus to a one year deal today. Although Glaus has mostly played third, the Braves are likely going to put Glaus on first base, essentially saying goodbye to Adam LaRoche for the second time this decade.

This move is a bit mind boggling. Glaus is rarely healthy for the entire season and his large frame causes problems for his knees and shoulders. He is also 33 years old, which is no spring chicken in baseball.

Glaus was one of the league’s top power hitters.He hit .270 with 27 homers and 99 RBIs in 2008, and in 2006 he hit 38 homers and 104 RBIs with Toronto.

Although his career average at .255 is just that–average, he has a spectacular OBP of almost .900

This ends any speculation that the Braves would try to sign the Padres first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez.

It really looks like the Braves are counting on the very young minor league prospect

to hit the majors sooner than anyone expected. I doubt the Braves will keep Glaus for more than his one-year deal, and Freeman could even see some action this season if Glaus is injured, which is very likely to happen.