Who Is Going To Play First Base For Atlanta Braves?


Adam LaRoche’s return to the Atlanta Braves was a big reason why they had a slim chance of making the playoffs this past season.

He was clutch.

He hit .325 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs in 57 games for the Braves. He was carrying the team with Yunel Escobar.

But the Braves decided not to offer arbitration to LaRoche, which would have meant he makes $9 million a year. I am not even going to list the 2010 free agent list for first baseman because it is embarrassing. And I have heard rumors that the Braves might be interested in Nick Johnson, and I swallowed some vomit.

The Braves still may make an offer to LaRoche, according to the AJC.

Why is this even happening?

Sign LaRoche because he is the best we can get.

Then go after Matt Holiday.

Then the Braves give themselves a chance to win.