Is Braves Loss To Marlins The End?


The Atlanta Braves just needed the bullpen to perform to pull out its second win in a row against the competitive Florida Marlins. Instead, the Braves gave up a a lead again and eventually lost to the Marlins who scored a run in the bottom of the 9th to capture the win and tie the series 1-1.

A win would have gone far for the Braves playoffs hopes, but instead the loss might have taken all of the air out of this team that has defied some odds. Who would have thought the Braves starting rotation would be one of baseball’s best? I didn’t.

But, the bullpen is failing at the worst time. Mike Gonzalez hasn’t look the same ever since a line drive hit almost smacked him in the face. He gave up the winning run last night.

Where would the Braves be without Yunel Escobar? Seriously, the guy is the best hitter when runners our on base. Still batting above .400 when runners are in scoring position, Escobar has become one of the most-feared hitters in baseball under those circumstances. Last night he popped a homer.

I hate to be Debbie-Downer, but is the run over?