John Schuerholz Is A Coward and Causes Shutout Loss To Brewers


I am not going to boast here and say that Tom Glavine was going to be a viable member of the Atlanta Braves rotation when you have a minor leaguer who is striking out nine guys a game.

But team president John Schuerholz’s apology today for the way Glavine was dismissed from the team is a pathetic attempt to smooth over what has been a bizarre season so far (including the offseason). He was released. It happens. He’s old, accomplished and past his prime. So, certainly Schuerholz knew that Frank Wren was going to release the hall-of-fame pitcher.

Glavine believes he was betrayed by the organization. He also believes he is healthy and can make an impact for a  team, revealing that a few are interested in his services. Schuerholz was quick to praise Glavine, but it seems odd that he says he did not feel comfortable being honest with Glavine during the meeting when he was told he was released.

"“I want to offer an apology to Tommy,” Schuerholz said. “We made our decision, but the environment and the tone and the manner at the end of it didn’t feel comfortable to me. I tossed and turned pretty much all night long really, after we finished our meeting with Tommy, thinking about here’s this guy who has meant so much to our franchise, to the game of baseball, Hall of Famer, represented our city in grand fashion, and the meeting ended in a way that didn’t make me feel good. I felt like I owed Tommy an apology on behalf of our organization and from me.”"

It happened. It’s another Wren-ch thrown at the Braves. As a result, the Brewers shut out the Braves 4-0 today, defeating Jair Jurrjens.