Atlanta Braves: 2 Potential Free Agent Upgrades Over Eddie Rosario in 2024

Eddie Rosario has a $9 million club option in 2024. Here are two free agents the Braves could opt to target rather than bring Eddie back.
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2. Atlanta Braves FA Replacement for Rosario: Tommy Pham

Tommy Pham
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Tommy Pham is cheaper than Rosario, Pham signed a one-year $6,000,000 deal with the Mets this offseason. Pham has a better on-base percentage without sacrificing much power. For his career, Pham has a .352 OBP over 10 seasons. Despite a 10-point lower career batting average, Pham's OBP is 46 points higher than Rosario's .306 career OBP over nine seasons.

Even at age 35, Pham posted +1 DRS in LF in 61 games this year. He still poses a speed threat with 15 steals in 97 games this season. His career slugging percentage is only .439 compared to Rosario's .465 but Pham is slugging .472 this season. Conversely, Rosario's slugging percentage across all his time with the Braves is just .444.

Their approaches at the plate are polar opposites. Eddie Rosario has exceeded 30 walks in a season just twice. Over nine years he has accumulated just 203 walks. Pham has more than doubled that despite playing in fewer career games. Rosario swings at everything and is in the second percentile in chase rate. Pham has a patient approach and his chase rate is in the 91st percentile.