Spring Training Week 2 – Roster Trends

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Trending Down

  • Matt Capps.  Can’t break 86 mph with his fastball.  Got hammered in his first outing and only escaped the second one because the wind was blowing in.  Strongly.  He might not last through this next weekend.
  • Juan Jaime.  I don’t really care that it was only one outing.  It was particularly ugly with 4 earned runs, 3 walks and 3 hits allowed.  With his control intact (which is rare), he misses bats.  When he has to take something off to get pitches over, they are straight and utterly hittable.  I expect Jaime will be DFA’d by April.
  • Jose Veras. Was expected to do better and compete well for a bullpen slot.  In 2 outings, he’s walked 4 and given up 5 earned and 3 hits.
  • Some of the 5th starter candidates need to improve this week or risk getting on this page next week.  Wandy Rodriguez is first up in the barrel and starts today.
  • Chris Johnson, Alberto Callaspo, Kelly Johnson… for the reasons suggested on the prior page.  Yes, Johnson will make some team – he is under contract through 2017 – but he and these others are certainly opening the door for the Braves to justify spending money get Olivera.
  • Christian Bethancourt (27). Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

    Christian Bethancourt.  When the Spring started, I didn’t really think that CBeth could (or would) play his way out of the starting catcher’s spot.  It’s now possible, in my estimation.  He isn’t hitting well (2 for 9, 2 K’s, no walks), and while he’s showed off his arm, it’s his glove that is more of a concern.

    I saw a wild pitch in the Mets game that he failed to block because he stabbed at the ball with a backhanded glove attempt.  This was while Capps was pitching.  Was he crossed up?  Possible, but the blocking instincts don’t seem to be very good, which continues a trend from 2014.  This is also why John Buck is trending up.

    Note this as well:  during the Spring games, teams like to use their starting catcher sparingly so as to save him for the grind of the season.  If this actually develops into a true competition, that will be more innings and more wear-and-tear for both Buck and Bethancourt.

    • Zoilo Almonte.  2 for 10, 1 K, 1 walk, scored twice.  Still getting reps, but need to see more.
    • Cedric Hunter.  Has certainly been given the chance, but is now 1 for 13, though 3 walks vs. 0 strikeouts.  He had better start hitting soon.  Other outfielders are.
    • Eric Young, Jr.  Okay, he can play center field – that much seems so.  But can he hit?  I’m actually feeling a little guilty having him on this chart since he does have 3 walks to go with his .143 (1 for 7) batting average.  So that’s still a .455 OBP.